Apesol Rains


Across six parallel worlds, mysterious canisters of a biomedical substance called "Apesol" infect unsuspecting individuals, granting each of them supernatural abilities. To control these new powers and return their lives to normal, they must first master these abilitieswhile dealing with the consequences of ever obtaining them.

Book 1: Apesol Rains 1-3
 Now Available!

Book 2: Apesol Rains 4-6
Planned Release: Late 2013

Rain 1: The Apkinesis

Years ago, a strange meteor gave birth to a new mutation science on Earth. Though the material was quickly quarantined, mutant beasts began to develop and emerge in the wild. It would be up to an affected boy named Nestor, now known as the telekinetic Apkinesis, to dispose of the remaining roaming biohazards.

Rain 2: The Intangible

For the loneliest of days, young Nora had never felt the warmth of another human being's touch. A strange foreign chemical gave her the ability to become completely intangible to even the slightest form of dangereven physical contact. The military soon discovers her power and see a new secret weapon, but all Nora wants is to shed her curse and become normal again.

Rain 3: The Pentesse

Four elements, controlled by four emotions. Zelda Jetter lost her father two years ago, and gained complete apathy in return. When she is granted the powers of Pentesse, she must learn to rekindle her emotions, and along with them, life as she once knew it. (Also costarring Irene of Blue Starlight.)

Rain 4: The Oculus

Future Release

Rain 5: The Traverser

Future Release

Rain 6: The Levin

Future Release



Updated: October 09, 2013