THAF Files 1: The Future History

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Earth is now extinct. What remains of the Human race resides on planet Terraxeq, as welcomed by its inhabitants, the Arrisbies. When the hostile Zetkian race arrives to threaten Terraxeq with enslavement, the Humans form a military organization dubbed THAF—the Terraxekian Human and Arrisbian Federation—sworn to protect the race that once saved their own. To destroy the malignant Zetkies, the team sets off on a journey through space, and beyond.


Apesol Rains: Book 1

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To control new abilities gained without desire, the infected must first master these powers while dealing with the consequences of ever obtaining them. Contains the first three Apesol Rains novellas: The Apkinesis, The Intangible, and The Pentesse.
The Apkinesis - Years ago, a strange meteor gave birth to a new mutation science on Earth. Though the material was quickly quarantined, mutant beasts began to develop and emerge in the wild. It would be up to an affected boy named Nestor, now known as the telekinetic Apkinesis, to dispose of the remaining roaming biohazards.
The Intangible - For the loneliest of days, young Nora had never felt the warmth of another human being's touch. A strange foreign chemical gave her the ability to become completely intangible to even the slightest form of danger, even physical contact. The military soon discovers her power and see a new secret weapon, but all Nora wants is to shed her curse and become normal again.
The Pentesse - Four elements, controlled by four emotions. Zelda Jetter lost her father two years ago, and gained complete apathy in return. When she is granted the powers of Pentesse, she must learn to rekindle her emotions, and along with them, life as she once knew it. (Also costarring Irene of Blue Starlight.)


THAF Files 2: Eve of End

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Though the immediate Zetkian threat had been neutralized, General Banks knew that the worst was not behind them. Reinstating the militia that never existed, Banks sets out to align THAF with the powerful Psyeons in the interest of maintaining Galactic security. Meanwhile, after millennia of biding, the final window opens for the Zetkies, and Apesol rains toward the reflected blue starlight.

*I feel obligated to mention that THAF Files: The Future History was my very first novel, written during my early years of high school, in contrast to future novels which were written during and beyond college. As such, this edition of The Future History is not the best work of literature in the world, and I plan to create and release a new revamped edition of the novel as time permits.



Updated: June 10, 2013