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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




Author's Comments:

[November 16, 2008]

To anyone who can read Japanese, sorry if panel two is filled with grammatical errors or whatnot. I've only studied Japanese for one semester, and on top of that, the translation was a bit rushed. I guess if anything's grammatically wrong with Hikari's lecture, pretend she's using some kind of fancy new slang? 

What I intended for her to say was something along the lines of:

"If you don't know Japanese, then don't speak it. Seriously, when we were little, why didn't you want to learn Japanese? Dad taught us both Japanese and English, but you only wanted to learn English. Now look at you."

So, Hikari grew up being perfectly bilingual, and Hoshi grew up to now wish that she could watch her anime collection without dubs or subs.

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