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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




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[March 1, 2009]

"And what about airline food? You know, they give you a choice of chicken, fish, or sometimes pork, and I eat the chicken because I don't like fish. What's up with that? And it even tastes decent, complemented by some rice and a small salad, am I right? And what's up with those bags of peanuts? I mean, they taste so good, yet they only give you a few bags per flight. I mean come on! And don't get me started on those cups. They're so wide and short that it's like they were designed not to tip over in a moving vehicle. I mean really!"

Seriously though, the chicken on Singapore's flights is actually quite good. Amirite? And jet lag never really bothered me for some reason, despite 12-hour time differences -- unlike it does with some sisters.

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