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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




Author's Comments:

[March 25, 2009]

The higurashi cicadas are actually quite nice and relaxing to listen to, but after seeing a certain murder-mystery anime involving their cry as a symbol of fear and mistrust, I don't really blame Hoshi.

I spent way too much time on this, but as mentioned before, this is one of my favorite BSL comics that've been planned so far. If not now, you'll see why sometime later!

And that thing next to the barrel of "anime swords" for sale is supposed to be an outdoor anime vendor shop, also apparently selling packaged figurines of 30 certain characters.

And just for continuity's sake, I was going to have Hikari point out that she was glad she talked Hoshi into not taking her massive anime collection along (BSL11), but I left out that panel to extend the last panel an extra length. Not that it's an important plot point or anything -- just wanted to mention.

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