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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




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[August 14, 2009]

Lots crammed into just four panels! Summing up a whole week in one panel, a joke/recommendation about Singapore Airport in the next, followed by more jokes about Hoshi's language skills and finally a (fourth?) punchline.

But regardless of Hoshi's accusations in the first panel, and the fact that it all just feels mashed together, I do want to move on to the next arc of the comics/story fairly soon -- partly because I haven't many more ideas involving Japan or travel at the moment, and partly because I've been waiting quite a bit to get to this next arc (which will be the majority of the series).

Also, I'm not sure why they went through security while in transit in Singapore. Either they went outside for a bit, or that first panel actually takes place in Japan several hours prior to the rest of the comic; it's up to you

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