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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




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[November 8, 2009]

Granted Hikari's reasoning wasn't that complex, Hoshi's not exactly the best at logical reasoning problems. Trish is probably just humoring her so that she doesn't feel too lost -- or just contemplating whether or not to accept the carpool offer, since she probably has a more effective transportation method...

I also find it humorous that during Blue Starlight's special little appearance on 2P START! last week, Hikari's name was mispronounced several times at first (but they eventually got it right, so kudos!). I've had the plan since the beginning of this series for Hikari to use her middle name (Mildred) around her friends, since for many English speakers, her Japanese first name doesn't seem quite as easy to read off or pronounce as Hoshi's.

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