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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




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[October 31, 2009]

Couldn't resist posting this for Halloween. Early congrats to 2P START! for 100 Podcasts this Monday! (And Happy Cosplay Day!)

If you don't know who I'm talking about, then you're missing out on tons of hilarity in the form of webcomics and Podcasts. If you do know who I'm talking about, then see how many inside-jokes and allusions you can find in this comic!

And for those new to Blue Starlight: in a nutshell, Hikari is the engineering gamer, Hoshi is the artistic otaku, the two are sisters, and their mom is rich but working overseas.

I started the idea for this comic around mid-September, and finished after a few weeks of on-and-off work. Originally, Hoshi and Hikari were going to run into Toon Tim and Toon Ray at some convention (or even at random just walking around town), where Hikari would go up to meet them and explain to Hoshi why these guys are so awesome. But, that made for a boring comic visual-wise, with basically just four people standing there talking, plus it felt awkward having her talk about Tim and Ray while they were right in front of them.

So instead, I had Hoshi give Hikari the idea of "cosplaying" (a panel left out for the flow and size of the comic) and sending Tim and Ray a congrats photo for reaching Podcast 100. The behind-the-scenes of the photo-shoot thus became the comic, containing a lot of the topics/jokes (and more) that I wanted to put into the original comic.

Here's a larger version of the last panel for anyone interested, and a little something extra special for Tim and Ray. And in good 2P START! tradition, here's a little bonus panel as well - enjoy!

Update: This comic earned a 2009 Knubby Award for Best Fan-Art. Thank you for the tremendous honor, Tim and Ray! Here's a quick response from Hoshi and Hikari.

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