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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




Author's Comments:

[June 6, 2010]

BSL Fun Fact 6.5: All of this comic was done mid-flight.

I have to admit that little time was put into this comic (much of it was largely recycled from #36), but only because I've been away on vacation for the past two weeks and despite just now returning home, I've had a bit of a family reunion to prepare for and take part in this whole weekend. (Also, this week's comic strip was originally scheduled to be of a certain other script, but given the lack of proper time to work on it, I've pushed it up to be the next comic strip instead.)

On topic of the actual comic, the entire dialogue is actually a monologue I've had in my head recently, which resulted in a reaction similar to Hoshi's when it dawned on me (as an American) that "Bri'ish" may technically be the correct pronunciation of the word, if anything; it's been around longer than the American pronunciation, and it's... well, British. (I'm pretty sure there are other pronunciations of it within British accents, but it's been the most common one I've heard, anyway.)

Also, unlike in #36, they're actually walking now! Maybe this location is a crosswalk, and they were waiting for the Walk signal in the earlier comic.

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Updated: June 19, 2010