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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




Author's Comments:

[April 3, 2011]

There were a few other things I wanted to squeeze into this comic, such as briefly bringing up the question of why/how Trish is already wearing her newly bought article of clothing, as well as certain backstory facts regarding the emblems, but mentioning them within this comic cluttered it too much with text bubbles and what felt like out-of-place dialogue. I'll very likely bring up the emblems again in some later comic though, and the question of Trish's shirt would've gone unanswered within this comic strip anyway (to be implicitly answered eventually).

Also, I've just realized that I haven't included any background characters in any of these mall comics... Er, I mean, this particular mall is going out of business and no one ever goes to it anymore, and the girls are only at this mall because it has the only store that stocks Hikari's brand of sandals. And that also explains the "closed" sign in the background. Yeah, I totally planned that this whole time!

I somewhat rushed through this one, not just for my usual excuse of schoolwork, but also in part because I've recently acquired a 3DS (which is a pretty awesome system, despite the current lack of worthwhile 3DS games), and additionally in part because of Pokemon White (among other games).

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Updated: April 16, 2011