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Blue Starlight - Robert D. Graham




Author's Comments:

[December 22, 2012]

A very earnest thank you to all readers of Blue Starlight Comics! The comics never would have made it this far without you.

While the main story I wanted to tell through it is now complete and I need to retire the series from its regular updates, I still plan to come back and add new comics every now and then as time and ideas permit. At the time of writing, there are at least three more comic strips planned, with hopefully more afterward. And as hinted throughout the series, I do have more planned for these characters beyond BSL...

In the meantime, if you'd like to read more stories taking place in the BSL universe, Apesol Rains: The Pentesse is a novella which tells the earlier story of Hoshi and Hikari's mother and aunt, Irene and Zelda. (The book it's contained in also includes two other stories: The Apkinesis and The Intangible.)

Thanks again for all the support throughout the past years! It's been a fun project and insightful learning process, and I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed working on it!

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