Apkinesis' Roster of Super Smash Brothers Anime
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Mario Donkey Kong Link Samus Kirby Fox Pikachu Marth Mr. Game & Watch
Dr. Mario Diddy Kong Zelda Zero Suit Samus Metaknight Falco Pichu Roy R.O.B.
Luigi Yoshi Sheik Metroid King Dedede Wolf Pokemon Trainer Ike Isaac
Peach Wario Ganondorf Pit Knuckle Joe Andross Squritle Lyn Dr. Wright
Bowser Waluigi Toon Link Ice Climbers Stafy Captain Falcon Ivysaur Ness Solid Snake
Hammer Bro Kat and Ana Young Link Mr. Resetti Olimar Samurai Goroh Charizard Lucas Gray Fox
Lakitu Barbara Tingle Infantry and Tanks Jill and Drill Dozer Saki Amamiya Lucario Jeff Sonic
Little Mac Helirin Devil Excitebike Nintendog Custom Robo Mewtwo Jigglypuff Shadow the Hedgehog
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