THAF Files


Earth is now extinct. Only a handful of Humans survived its apocalypse by boarding a small space vessel in hope of finding a new home in the stars. Just when all hope seemed lost, the endangered Human race stumbled upon planet Terraxeq, welcomed by its inhabitants, the Arrisbies. Indebted to their hospitality, the Humans would soon find themselves volunteering to fight in a grand warone that the Arrisbies once thought impossible to win.

File 1: The Future History

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When the hostile Zetkian race arrives to threaten Terraxeq with enslavement, the Humans form a military organization dubbed THAF—the Terraxekian Human and Arrisbian Federation—sworn to protect the race that once saved their own. To destroy the malignant Zetkies, the team sets off on a journey through space, and beyond.

File 2: Eve of End

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Though the immediate Zetkian threat had been neutralized, General Banks knew that the worst was not behind them. Reinstating the militia that never existed, Banks sets out to align THAF with the powerful Psyeons in the interest of maintaining Galactic security. Meanwhile, after millennia of biding, the final window opens for the Zetkies, and Apesol rains toward the reflected blue starlight.

*I feel obligated to mention that THAF Files: The Future History was my very first novel, written during my early years of high school, in contrast to future novels which were written during and beyond college. As such, this edition of The Future History is not the best work of literature in the world, and I plan to create and release a new revamped edition of the novel as time permits.



Updated: May 29, 2013