YouTube: ??? Channel

A new channel is in its early stages of development. Stay tuned!

YouTube: Apkinesis Channel

My central YouTube Channel, which was created for videos unrelated to YTP, including animation, behind-the-scenes of my artwork, and more original videos.

Mp3 versions of related "remix songs" available here.

YouTube: Apkinesis2 Channel

On the Apkinesis2 Channel are a series of videos that fall under the category of "YouTube Poop" (YTP), a genre which involves remixing existing video and audio sources to create a parodic video, usually consisting of random humor, as well as the genre's many memes and internal references recognized by the YTP community's many followers.

Mp3 versions of related "remix songs" available here.

This channel also hosts all of my favorite YouTube videos, and is now considered my primary YouTube account.

YouTube: ApkinesisII Channel

Retired YouTube Channel, replaced by Apkinesis2.



Updated: June 11, 2013